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  Currently taking reservations for 2017 spring pollination services in California. For a personalized quote contact us with your information of location, required number of colonies, estimated required delivery and removal dates, and a daytime/evening phone number. For questions, personalized service or reservations contact us at 760-980-9293.

We produce healthy honey bees insuring the greatest potential of pollination which is essential to the production of most fruit, vegetable and seed crops. Both yield and quality of the fruit/seed are dependent upon the intensity of pollination.

Good pollination for crops improves quality. Twenty-one additional California fruit and nut crops are known to produce larger yields when pollinated by honey bees. However, efforts to insure good pollination are often not given sufficient attention, especially during the hectic spring season. Obtaining good pollination with our beekeepers knowledge will ensure quality pollination.

​We are excited to announce our expansion located in Wyoming. Please check our information out at this link 

We hope to bring more organic and natural products in the coming year ahead to or beautiful state of Wyoming. 

People who are interested in beekeeping contact us via email or if you are wanting to try our products please go to the online order button on the home page and research the great things we do for a healthy life.