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Bee Loved Inc. Gallery
Just like our bees, we are just as busy as they are! 
Building bee boxes in the wood shop.
Our citrus trees grow so robust. we have just about 30 citrus trees  for our bees to pollinate and produce wonderful golden honey. We never use any chemicals or pesticides on our trees. To assure healthy honey to you.
A beautiful day in Banning, Ca. The bees love the weather and the wild sage brush grown all around
We have 2 avocado trees on property the yield we get is amazing! They are delicious and never grown or sprayed with pesticides.
First frame of the 2015. Now filtered and bottled ready for you to enjoy. We do not add any fillers or water down our honey. We literally strain the honey away from the wax, and bottle it. Nothing else.
Switching the openings from winter to summer. They are pretty good at keeping their comfortable temperature but we make it a little easier for them.
The apiary on a nice spring day.