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Urban Bee Keeping
​Urban beekeeping is the practice of keeping bee colonies in urban areas. It may also be referred to as hobby beekeeping or backyard beekeeping. Bees from city apiaries are said to be "Healthier and More Productive than Their Country Cousins". Their presence also provides cities with environmental and economic benefits.
Los Angeles lawmakers signed off on new rules to let homemakers raise and care for bees.
Under the law approved, bee hives are limited to single-family neighborhoods. The hives must be at least 5 feet away from a property line, and a water source must be maintained on the property to discourage bees from seeking out water from neighboring sites. Owners of hives must also register as beekeepers with the County of Los Angeles Agricultural Commission.

We do offer discounts on two (2) or more complete hives purchased.

For all other counties please feel free to call or email about your specific area.
Honey Bees for Sale
Our complete bee hive(s) include a bottom board, a summer/winter entrance, a deep ten (10) frame super, an inner cover with second entrance for hot days, and a quality top. The delivered hive will have at least six (6) frames of bees, brood(baby larva) and a mated queen.